Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WSO2 APIM: Publishing APIs to External\Internal Parties

What if you want to have two API gateways - one for external facing APIs and the other for internal facing APIs? This can be achieved by two API manager deployments, but from WSO2 APIM 2.0.0 onwards this has become an inherent features supported by the product, so there is no need for two deployments. The solution is based on the multi-gateway feature. The multi-gateway feature allows one publisher to push APIs different gateway environments selectively.

At the time of publishing APIs, all available environments are listed in the publisher so that the API publisher can pick the correct environment. So the publisher will see all the environments available, in this case external and internal.

This allows publisher to push APIs to external or internal gateway selectively. So you can pick to expose an API on either external or internal gateway or on both of the gateways at the same time.

RBAC Store

In a real world scenario, internal users should be able to see only internal APIs and external users should be able to see only external APIs. This can be achieved via user roles. User roles can be defined for external and internal user, but sometimes it is not always scalable and can be troublesome as you have to assign users to specific roles.

Why two stores would be great?

What if we could deploy two stores, one for internal users and the other for external users. This will match the deployment expectation as well. The external store can be in DMZ (or accessible by outside world) and internal store can be internal network only.

This is added as a new feature to APIM road-map.

What about OAuth Keys and Throttling?

Underlying gateway/environments APIs are transparent to the OAuth keys. Irrespective of the API being exposed on a single or multiple gateways the number of cumulative API calls will be considered by the traffic manager when enforcing throttling.

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