Sunday, September 20, 2009

Installing ApacheDS on Unbuntu

  • Ubuntu - Jaunty Jackalope
  • 64 bit Architecture
Right now the "Basic User Guide" in the ApacheDS site is not up-to-date. So here is how to install ApacheDS on Ubuntu
  1. Download the "Linux Binary Installer - Linux x86_64" of ApacheDS from
  2. Change the permissions of the file as follows.
     chmod u+x apacheds-1.5.5-x86_64.bin
  3. Change to root and run the installer as follows. I picked the default proposed installation directories.
  4. Now the task is to locate the "startp script". If you picked the defaults while installing, it can be found in the /etc/init.d directory. Search for a file containing the name *apacheds*. In my case the start-up script was renamed as "apacheds-1.5.5-default". Now give the command as following as root.

    /etc/init.d/apacheds-1.5.5-default start

Initially when I tried to install, I faced the following problem since the start-up script was renamed to "apacheds-1.5.5-default". This trivial information was lacking in the "Apache DS Basic User Guide".
/etc/init.d/apacheds: No such file or directory

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WSO2 ESB : AnonymousEndpoint has been marked for SUSPENSION, but no further retries remain

Are you are running WSO2ESB and receiving this error "AnonymousEndpoint has been marked for SUSPENSION, but no further retries remain" printed on console? This error occurs when trying to send the message again. If this error prints in the console repetitively, then WSO2ESB is trying send messages repetitively. So inspect "<syn:send/>" elements in the synapse config, and it may not be required.

Here is a scenario I ran into.

I am using WSO2ESB-2.1.1(or later) and trying to re-use an old synapse configuration. I am trying to use a proxy service.

In the synapse configuration, I have target endpoint specified in the proxy service, so <syn:send> is not required according to new rules. So when I removed <syn:send/> from the synapse config's inSequence it worked beautifully. BTW .. you have to restart the server.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Neethi Builders - XmlPrimtiveAssertion

When you build neethi Assertions, do you find instances of "" instead of proper Assertions? The issue is that your runtime has not picked up the "" file inside the META-INF/services directory. This problem mostly occur in old versions of Eclipse or in OSGI environment. So check if you have added the META-INF directory that contains the "" file to your classpath.

If you want to know the technical details, then please refer how Apache Neethi implemented the at .