Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to enable controlled user registration to App Factory

You can control user registration to App Factory via human task enabled BPEL. This feature is introduced in M8 release of App Factory. So you need to have a M8 ++ distribution of App Factory.

Setting up

Step 1 : Transfer the UserCreation.zip to your machine. It is at the following location in the virtual machine.


Step 2 : Login to the Carbon console and un-deploy the user creation BPEL

Step 3 : Now upload the UserCreationHT.zip via the management console

How to work with it

When a user sign up to the App Factory a notification will be sent by the BPEL process to the administrator. All users in Admin role can approve the user registration as follows. Admin has to click on View Task and continue to approve/disapprove.

Once the admin user approves it a confirmation email will be generated to the user. This is how it stands for M8. We will continue to improve its user friendliness in the upcoming releases.