Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to setup App Factory 2.2.0 on a MacOS with puppet

 This is how to setup App Factory 2.2.0 on MacOS.

At Client Side (On your MacOS),

1 - First of all  you need to install puppet agent by following this guide

2 - Then create a user as afpuppet and give him a password.

3 - Comment out the shell script that tries to generate a random number. This means you'll have to generate it by hand each time you run the sell script.

At the puppet master

Then install a puppet master following this guide -
Now do the following in puppet source in puppet master.

1 - Comment out the installed stuff in wso2base/manifests/packages.pp

2 - Fix the password problem. Meanwhile you need to comment out #managehome property also. Your wso2base/manifests/users.pp will look as follow.

You can generate the password from here -

4 - Fix the user group problem. Assign 'wheel' to the group

Now you are good to go.

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