Thursday, December 20, 2012

WSO2 App Factory M8 Released!

We shipped out App Factory M8 yesterday! You can download M8 from here.

It was an amazing effort from the whole team and today we are going on Christmas holidays.

New Features of M8 are,

  • Create applications with Git
  • Tagging builds with a name
  • Improved deployment model
  • Moving the servers to standard ports 80/443
  • Ability to work with a Jenkins farm
  • Log download feature
  • Approval UI and human tasks
  • Human task enabled user creation process
  • Search Application Gadget
  • Event Stream View
  • Resource dependency Management UI

We were hoping to ship GitBlit too but couldn't do due to a last minute issue. GitBlit would enable us to talk to any Git repository with AppFactory credentials. The last minute issue was that GitBlit server started throwing unknown host exception even when we set the with the correct host.

We are happy to be able to deliver all of the features we promised except one!

If you want to know more about App Factory you can watch the webinar.

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