Thursday, November 1, 2012

The making of WSO2 App Factory - Storing Artifacts

These days I am thinking a lot about scalability of our deployment setup. Our pre-alpha milestone behavior is to store everything in the file system. So there are two things that should change in the future.

  1. What artifact should we store? How do we identify which artifacts to be stored?
  2. How and where we should we store the artifacts

The ideal answer to the second question is we should store them in the Continuous Integration system itself. Now that is easy!

Now answer to the first question. How to identify which artifacts to store. We are considering many apps with several versions being build many times a day. Simple answer this should be configurable. Some possibilities,

  1. Store the latest build
  2. Store a fixed number of builds 
  3. Store builds for a fixed period
  4. Store the latest builds and the ones that are marked explicitly by the devops/develoeprs

Well ...... there are many many options. But a combination of the 4th and 2nd option would be really interesting.

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