Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Digital Identity

I've been working on WSO2 Identity Solution. It is our implementation of windows cardspace. Once in a while I go through Kim Cameron's Identity Blog and I was so intrigued by this post.

So what did I do when I registered for facebook. Come to think of it I gave my birthday away without a single thought. So did I give my digital identity away?

Ok the first simple question ..... is do I have an digital identity to give away?

Well ....... according to my standards, I don't think I have a digital identity. I still don't have a credit card. So nobody has my buying history. Even if I did I am a primitive simple consumer and my consumer details will be useless.

What about my friends? I don't have real digital only friends. I make my real friends digital. They are duplicated .... so if something goes wrong, then I can simply call them up and say ... hey that wasn't me .... and hopefully they'll buy it :D.

The only area where I have to protect my identity is in the tech world. Being an opensource developer I have a digital identity with so many people.

Technologies are designed and developed for general public and future generations. This is how the operating systems evolved. These technologies and digital identity will play a crucial role in human lives in the future.

With time I will have a stronger digital identity........ then I have to be more careful.

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